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Daikin Altherma low temperature

The Daikin Altherma air to water heat pump system starts with correctly sized components for your home, so you don’t pay for unneeded capacity. At its heart is a high-efficiency compressor producing maximum output with minimal energy.

Smart controls ensure the most efficient energy use across all seasons – even in very cold weather – keeping running costs low. Add in low maintenance and excellent ratings for energy-efficiency credit schemes. Altogether a Daikin Altherma installation delivers a great return on your investment and efficient operation in all conditions.

Perfect fit for new builds and low energy houses

Whether you are renovating an existing structure or building a new one, Daikin Altherma is the ideal heating/cooling solution. Suitable for all climates it is built to withstand the most severe winter conditions, providing stable room temperatures throughout your home.

Even better, the air to water heat pump systemcan be connected to all types of low-temperature heat emitters used in modern residential construction. These include under-floor heating, low temperature radiators, fan coil units and heat pump convectors. The result: one system for optimal year-round comfort.

Efficiency & Money Saving Technology

Daikin Altherma is a total heating and domestic hot water system with an option for cooling. Based on heat pump technology, it represents a flexible and cost-effective alternative to a fossil fuel boiler. The inherent energy efficiency of Daikin Altherma makes it an ideal solution for reduced energy consumption and low CO2 emissions.

Depending on the model and conditions, a Daikin Altherma heat pump delivers about 5kWh of usable heat for every kWh of electricity it consumes. This means approximately 4/5 of the heat is free! Talk about a good investment.

The Daikin Altherma heat pump uses a sustainable energy source: extracting heat from the outside air. In a closed loop containing a liquid refrigerant, a thermodynamic cycle is created through evaporation, condensation, compression and expansion. This “pumps” heat from a lower to a higher temperature level. Via a heat exchanger the heat gained is transferred to your home’s warm water distribution system. This can be under-floor heating, low temperature radiators and/or fan coil units. For cooling, the system operates in reverse.

5 Times More Efficient

Daikin Altherma air to water heat pump system can heat your home up to 5 times more efficiently than a traditional heating system based on fossil fuels or electricity. By making use of the heat in the outside air, the system uses much less energy while you enjoy a stable and pleasant level of comfort. Also, maintenance requirements are minimal, keeping running costs low. Thanks to advanced compressor technology, the energy savings are even greater.


Compact solution with domestic hot water

At only 600 x 728 mm, the Daikin Altherma indoor floor-standing unit uses minimal space. It features a high-capacity 180 or 260l tank with 50% less heat loss compared to a standard tank. Intelligent controls offer a schedule function (heating the tank at a specified time of day) and a reheat function (automatically reheating when the temperature drops below a specified minimum).

If integrated domestic hot water isn’t required, see the Daikin Altherma indoor wall-mounted unit.

Intuitive & self-explanatory control

User settings for the Daikin Altherma air to water heat pump system are accessed through a large, clear display and an intuitive and self-explanatory menu. It includes timers for heating, cooling and domestic hot water operation. This ensures stable room temperatures for higher comfort, and correct domestic water temperature for greater efficiency. More detailed menus offer further information and advanced control over energy management.

Alternatively, a simplified display shows only the room temperature and allows the temperature set-point to be changed.


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Heat Pump

Air to water heat pump with the highest efficiency for new build


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Benefits of an Integrated Heating. Benefits of Daikin Altherma
Heat Pump Technology


Best seasonal efficiencies, providing the highest savings on running costs.

Daikin Monobloc

Daikin Altherma low temperature monobloc.

System Design

Good system design & integration is crucial to the efficient and cost-effective running of heating systems.

Split System

Best seasonal efficiencies, providing the highest savings on running costs.

underfloor heating galway

Heating & Plumbing

Hot Water for the Home. Hot water is always available with Daikin’s air to water heat pump system along with outstanding energy savings.Request an estimate for your heating project. We are the experts when it comes to Air To Water Installation and Systems Solutions . Call Mobile 087 6626040 Mobile 087 2510844